People Are Different

People are different, and their relationships to things outside them are different. Something to someone is something else to someone else. Someone's comfortable warmth is someone else’s sweltering heat. Someone's bright illumination is someone else’s blinding light. Someone’s tasty snack is someone else’s source of nausea, someone’s crushing boredom someone else’s sweet relaxation. Someone's novelty … Continue reading People Are Different

Science, the Constructionists, and Reality

[Background: I recently had the honor of co-authoring an article about language and interpretation with Graham Johnson of Suspended Reason. My section was about how difficult it can be for scientists and humanities scholars to understand each other, with reflections from my own experiences studying Science, Technology and Society. I only had 1500 words at my … Continue reading Science, the Constructionists, and Reality

Superweapon Proliferation Worries

I felt it necessary to inject a short thought here, considering the increasing rate of emergence for erisologically relevant concepts. After only a few months with ”fake news” we now also have ”alternative facts”. The controversy regarding the audience size of Donald Trump’s inauguration is absurd. Why keep twisting reality in such obvious ways? Such childish … Continue reading Superweapon Proliferation Worries

Varieties of “Black Mirror” Appreciation – A Statistical Analysis

[Note: This post contains spoilers for Black Mirror] A few days ago I finished the last available episode of Black Mirror. If you haven't seen the show, this post will make very little sense to you and I recommend closing this tab, watching the series (ONE EPISODE PER DAY, MAX. DO NOT BINGE.), and then … Continue reading Varieties of “Black Mirror” Appreciation – A Statistical Analysis